Laudatio: discourse by Prof. Ph.D. Nicolae Jurcău on the occasion of his public conferral of the title: Doctor Honoris Causa

Bonchiş, E.

2009, vol. XVI Pages 9-11 Abstract

Defining and analyzing “diversity in education” through postmodern lenses

Slapac, A.

2009, vol. XVI Pages 12-29 Abstract

Looking at learning outcomes for a calculus course

Szabo, Zs.

2009, vol. XVI Pages 30-38 Abstract

Incomplete parenting and consequences of the parent`s migration in search for a job abroad on the socio-emotional development of the children

Bonchiş, E., & Stan, R.

2009, vol. XVI Pages 39-50 Abstract

Risk factors inside the personality dimension in the case of violent offenders

Decsei-Radu, A. R.

2009, vol. XVI Pages 51-60 Abstract

Bullying in prison

Tia, I.

2009, vol. XVI Pages 61-76 Abstract

Attributions for negative life events and their relation with depression

Marian, M., Flimon, L., & Cioară, M.

2009, vol. XVI Pages 77-92 Abstract

Intentionality and positive illusions

Negru, O., & Mustea, A.

2009, vol. XVI Pages 93-107 Abstract

On the relationship between personal time perspective, motivation and subjective wellbeing

Roşeanu, G., & Drugaş, M.

2009, vol. XVI Pages 108-121 Abstract

Social support and smoking cessation program in the cardiovascular patology

Hălmăjan, A.

2009, vol. XVI Pages 122-132 Abstract

An integrative journey

Marton, M.

2009, vol. XVI Pages 133-140 Abstract


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