The instructions below are specifically directed at authors who wish to submit a manuscript to Annales Philosophici. For general information, please visit our website at Contributions to Annales Philosophici will be subjected to review by referees at the discretion of the Editorial Office.

General guidelines

  • Submissions must be in English, French, Italian or Romanian and formatted to be single spaced with margins of not less than 25mm (or one inch), an A4 page size, and automatic page numbering.
  • Manuscripts should be compiled in the following order: title; abstract (no more than 350 words, keywords (2 to 8); main text; references (be it footnotes or endnotes); Section headings should be concise and numbered sequentially with Arabic numerals, using a decimal system for subsections.
  • Neither the name(s) of the author(s) nor any institutional affiliation may be shown in the paper itself, and all references to an author’s own work(s) must be disguised (e.g. by being made in an impersonal and neutral form) or omitted. Extravagant acknowledgments of gratitude must likewise be omitted. Self-identifying references may be restored after the evaluation process is complete.
  • For all manuscripts, non-discriminatory language is preferred. Sexist or racist terms should not be used unless they occur in quotations or as examples.

Reproduction of copyright material

Contributors are required to secure permission for the reproduction of any figure, table or extensive extract (more than fifty words) from the text of a source that is copyrighted or owned by a third party. This applies to direct reproduction as well as ‘derivative reproduction’, where the contributor has created a new figure or table that derives substantially from a copyrighted source. Authors are themselves responsible for the payment of any permission fees required by the copyright owner. Copies of permission letters should be sent with the manuscript upon submission to the Editor(s).

Supplementary online material

Authors are welcome to submit animations, movie files, sound files or any additional information for online publication.

Manuscript submission

Submissions should be made electronically by sending them Annales Philosophici’s e-mail address: Nevertheless, author may submit their manuscripts by regular mail to the following address: University of Oradea, 1 Universitatii st. (The Faculty of Social and Humanistic Sciences, The Philosophy Department), Oradea, Bihor county, Romania, postal code 410087. Electronic manuscripts may be submitted in a limited range of standard formats, including .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf. These files will be automatically converted into a PDF file for the review process.

Papers which contain symbols such as logic symbols or Sanskrit, Coptic characters or hieroglyphs must be submitted as .pdf files. Authors who do not take this precaution are warned that their texts may contain non-obvious errors which can seriously mislead referees.

Books for Review

Books for review should be sent to the same address as above: University of Oradea, 1 Universitatii st. (The Faculty of Social and Humanistic Sciences, The Philosophy Department), Oradea, Bihor county, Romania, postal code 410087 or electronically to

Copyright and authors’ rights

Annales Philosophici supports the principles of Open Access and, accordingly, does not require that authors assign copyright for their articles to our journal.

Authors are themselves responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyright material from other sources.