Issue 5 (2012) Front Cover Issue 5 (2012) Back Cover

Ciprian Bogdan: Subjectivity and techno-science in Theodor Adorno

Ephraim Essien: Schrodinger’s cat-in-the-box with the Copenhagen ontology

Vlad Moldovan: The formation of the theme of individuation in Schleiermacher’s Über die Religion. Reden an die Gebieldeten und ihren Verächtern: religiousness and the dynamics of primordial individuation

Dan Pătroc: How to theorize in humanities

Joshua Ryan Farris: The soul-concept: meaningfully disregard or meaningfully embrace

Alan Schwerin: On Hume’s labyrinth

Radu Uszkai: Aristotle’s account of akrasia. Towards a contemporary analogy


Femi Richard Omotoyinbo: The problem of methodology in philosophy