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Address University of Oradea
The Faculty of Social and Humanistic Sciences
The Philosophy Department
1 Universitatii st., Oradea, Romania, 410087
Telephone: 0040 259 408400

Annales Philosophici is a biannual (the months of appearance are June and December of each year) academic journal edited by the Philosophy Department within the University of Oradea, Romania. The journal publishes scientific articles belonging to all fields of philosophy or sciences related to it. The main purpose of Annales Philosophici is to promote contemporary philosophy seen as a multi- or interdisciplinary approach by bringing together intellectual contributions from all possible geographic and cultural areas.

The articles are published following a blind peer-review process, under the supervision of the members of the editorial and scientific board. More details on submitting your articles for the future numbers of the journal can be found inside the back cover and on our website.


 ISSN (Online) 2344 – 4886

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