Volume 13 (2014)

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Contents 2014

Zsolt Bottyan – Social Conflict in Higher Education. Theoretical Considerations. Study Case of Roma Students in the University of Oradea – A Qualitative Analysis (pp. 5-18)

Adrian Pop – The Main Stages, Reforms and Policies of the Educational System in Europe (pp. 19-28)

Raluca Buhaș – A Qualitative Approach of Online Relationships(pp. 29-48)

Tiberiu Dîscă – Defining Aspects of Families in Which One Parent Is Abroad (pp. 49-60)

Floare Chipea, Sorana Săveanu & Raluca Buhaș – Contemporary Family Patterns in Bihor County (pp. 61-80)

Francisc Maier –Social Determinants of Drug Consumption among Teenagers (pp. 81-98)

Aurora-Elena Gavriș – New Aspects of Human Trafficking in the Light of the New Legal Stipulations. Study Case – 2014 Indictment of D.I.I.C.O.T. – S.T. Oradea  (pp. 99-106)

Lioara-Bianca Buboiu – Disability. Psychosocial Implications (pp. 107-120)

Enikő Szűcs – The Profession of Social Work and the Role of Competencies in Training Specialists (pp. 121-134)

Mirela Indrieş – Clinical and Social Aspects of Patients with Viral Chronic Hepatitis C  in Bihor County (pp. 135-148)


Naomi Naghi – Mihaela Lambru (Eds.) (2013). Mutual Aid Organizations, Iași: Polirom (142 pages) (pp. 149-151)